Photowalk at Friedrichstadt Palast, Berlin.

The good thing, when you surround yourself with photographers and influencers of every kind, is not only to be able to learn so many things about content creation and life, but is also that there always will be someone who gets his a** of the grass and will be organizing photowalks and other stuff.

In late May 2017, this person and one of my favortites, Karsten Kimble, collaborated with the famous Fredrichstadt Palast in Berlin to set up an instagram photowalk with more than 15 creatives. The original Friedrichstadt Palast as built in 1864. Further locations of this theatre, which is one of the leading theatres in Europe, followed. Right now the Friedrichstadt palast is located alongside the Friedrichstraße in the same called district of Berlin.

When I arrived there on a sunny Saturday, a lot of inpiring Instagrammers, Photographers and content creators waited in front of the doors. Karsten was really excited about the start of the event. If you do not know Karsten, which will probably count for the most of you, you should know that Karsten loves every single person he invites on such walks and it is a pain in the ass for him to be not able to take care of every single person on those events, as he usually wants to.

Okay, the walk starts. We were welcomed by some of the leading persons of the social media activities and directors. They gave us a brief overview of the following steps and plans, they are having with us and it all started with a walk on top of the building, from where you have a sick overview over Berlin with all the rooftops and, of course, the famous sight- the TV tower of Berlin. ( you will find some impression of the walk in the gallery below). Everybody was hurrying to get out their sick camera gear and then the shooting and directing began. What you should know about walks like those, is that you are not only acting as a photographer around there, but also be a model for different content creators. This in my opionion is really great as you learn how to model and direct at the same time (in my opion, 40% of a good shot is about directing people about how you want to have them to act, because the shot is on your mind before you actually press the button). During that session, I was thinking "Damn, this is not going to get better for us than to have those views and take those banger shots. But I was proven to be wrong.

After a short lunch, we have been able to get on stage and get the feeling of what it means to stand in fron of thouands of people, acting. Of course, cameras were on fleek and ready to TAKE THE SHOT. Afterwards we were guided through the mask, requisities and work spaces, where all the construction for the stage are being constructed. It was pretty overwhelming to see what is actually going on behind one can not imagine what effort this means to all the workers.

As I said, we where pretty flashed by the rooftop experience. But when we where shooting in the catacombs of this building and actors and actresses stepped in, we where blown away by their awesome costumes. The great thing, which really topped the rooftop for sure, was, that we have had some time with the actresses and actors to take photos with them, which you also can see in my portfolio or gallery below! If you are a photographer and content creator, you probably can relate how hard it is sometimes to direct people you want to shoot. The amazing ting about the actrors and actresses was in thatcase, that you only had to tell them "Hey, can I borrow you for a short moment and please place yourselves THERE"...the rest was going by itself. They were super amazing when it came to modelling and acting in front of the camera. All of us were pretty pleased and astonished by the shots we were able to take with them.

After an exhausting shooting session, sometimes we felt like shooting a team shot of a soccer team, because there were like 15 cameras pointing at the same model at once, the absolute highlight came up.


It really blew our mind to witness this masterpiece of art. All the actresses and actors we have been shootin 10 minutes before their show, were acting super professionel and made the crowd going crazy!

I guess the blog is becoming a little too long right now, so I am going to rush a little bit and spread thanks to Karsten, the Friedrichstadt Palast, all the creators from which I learned so much on this day and of course all the amazing actresses and actors who made this day pretty special for us.

Have fun looking through the impression of our walk and never hesitate to get in contact through my contact section by just a simple click!