Fulfilling myself the dream of having a photo book of my own photography [Sponsored Content]

[Advertisement] Okay mates, let’s be honest with ourselves for a second: How many times have you sworn to go through all the footage again on your computer from your latest trip or your Grandmas birthday last year? What…. you are actually doing that? You earn some award then. But for the rest of us the struggle is real, and we will never go through all that footage again I guess.

In times of Instagram, we all store our memories in an app. That’s a great possibility to show around the banger shots you have taken on your last trip to Iceland, Bali and of course India. But, I want you to be honest here, the quality sucks and we all know that.

Since I started photography with analogue cameras years ago, I guess I have quiet a preference on holding things in my hand (damn you dirty thinkers). Nothing can compare holding your own quality photographs in your hand for example, and that is why I was really excited when Saal_digital hooked me up with a trial for their service to customize my very own photobook.

The beginning was pretty easy, as you just have to go to www.saal-digital.de and download their design software. Once this has been down, that software will become your best friend as it will be guiding you through the whole process.

First, you got to choose the size and the style for your future photobook- full of all the high-quality banger shots. My advice for this, is to fold yourself papers as a reference for the sizes and to hold them in your hands to be able to feel and rate, what you like best. Afterwards you can choose from different possibilities to furtherly pimp your book like wadded covers (which feels just too good to be true), matt pages, the number of pages and the quality of the paper for example.

If you have proceeded all those steps, the best part of your journey to a wonderful photographic book starts: the opening of the editor *insert songs of angels*…

Screenshot of the Saal Design Software Editor

Screenshot of the Saal Design Software Editor

First of all: take five minutes to just explore that editor. Open some tabs, click on some buttons and just get familiar with it. It will be your best friend on your journey.

-  At top: It looks like word. You have all the fancy fonts and color possibilities and so on there. You can also save your project or open another one as well as adjusting your images in brightness and stuff.

- Far right: In that section, you can choose from different tabs to open. Some are there for filling your background with color or patterns and you can also re-adjust your book features

- The bottom: This section shows your pages of the book, which is just in progress.

- Far left: In here, your files and folders will be shown from where you can choose your images. Great thing about this is, that it marks your already used images.

You see, it is not that difficult. But it is all about the start. I, for myself, needed almost one hour to finally have a good idea how I will bring up my photographic book, as I wanted to do something different.

Here is my advice: You can use both sides of the cover as a starting page. Just start with one side, place your images with a normal direction and turn all images with 180°, from the middle of the book on. In the end, you will have a pretty unique photographic book, which has no end, but two ways to start browsing it.

Thank you so much for reading this blog post and hopefully have been inspired to start creating your new book as well. The quality of your images will leave you breatheless.