What I got my girlfriend for her birthday...

Can some of you relate how hard it is getting every year to find the perfect birthday gift, especially for the ones you love the most? Of course they deserve only the best of it and way more. As I have recognized, by growing up further and further every year, how useless materialistic gifts can be, if you do not have any experience, which you are giving into the hands of the gifted, I decided to buy plane tickets and a hotel room in Rome, Italy, rather than flowers which will be decayed after 3 days.



Sarahs birthday is the 23th of January. I have to admit, that I am not good in preparing gifts. Maybe that is because a man of heart (impulsive and straight) rather than a man with head (rational and well organized). It was around christmas time, both of us were working our asses of, because we already had Bali planned for the next year. I am most creative when I am working and have stupid jobs, which can also be boring from time to time. So I made my mind up for setting up a weekender, traveling for Sarahs birthday. But where to go in January within Europe, because costs are not unnecessary when you are a student with big plans for travels of the next year? There is one airline in Europe with which you can get around pretty cheap, Ryan Air (not sponsored, unfortunately). The problem with that is, that they have fixed destinations for the spot of departure. So I have decided to look what a suitable destination from Berlin would be as we only have to drive there for two hours and have friends to leave the car at, parking fees at airports are horribly expensive. That's the way I have found out to go to Rome with her. Flights have been only 100 euro for two person and four ways. Additionally Sarah loves being in Italy, because of the way of life and of course...the food. Jackpot right?


Struggles Sarah has been through

You know what the best thing about birthday surprises is? You can tease the person who will have birthday, leave guesses and totally destroy all the guesses at once again. haha

I had to make sure, that Sarah does not set up a party or anything, because we would have been away for four days. So, I had to tell her not to plan anything between the dates, which lead her to assume of course, that we are up to something.

I have went from telling her to pack bikinis, as well as winter boots to also telling her that we will be away with her parents (they gave some money for Rome passes as well, thank you).


The moment she found out where we are going to

Trying to keep it shorter. We went to Berlin after work, visited friends the night before we started, Sarah still knew nothing but I told the others...waking up at 4am, fuck Berlin, you are freezingly cold, went to the airport, passed security, Sarah still knew nothing. Okay, waiting in line for boarding...you know those monitors which show you where you are actually going on your flight in front of the waiting people? "Rom" popped up. Sarah recognizing anything, I just saw her forehead moving like she does not know what the monitor says...10 seconds later SHE KNEW IT AND WAS THE HAPPIEST WOMAN IN THE WHOLE AIRPORT...Sarah don't forget to breathe.

Actually she was thinking that the monitor is broken or something. For the older persons around here: Do you remember when there was a failure on your computer from 1998 to 2006 or something and the blue screen shows "CD-Rom error"? That was what Sarahs was thinking first. hahaha


Celebrating Sarahs birthday in Rome, Italy

After we started the flight to computer error (haha had to write this) and passed the Alps by sunrise, which was phenomenal, we arrived in Rome and had to pick a bus to reach the center. I have booked a hotel on the via nazionale, which is pretty close to the main station and a pretty good base to start your Rome tour. We stayed Hotel Quirinale, which was super comfy. Because we have booked it via hotelscombined.com we got a special deal for this, usually high priced, hotel.

The next days were fully packed with roaming through Rome and experiencing every famous sight as well as the fewer known places. I was so glad that Sarah speaks a little but pretty good italian, I would not have been able to order one single pizza without her (haha). No, I am joking of course, but when we are traveling, we like to try to speak the language of the country from time to time as you do not buy plane tickets for sticking to your behavior when you have the possibility to dive into a new country, different culture and get to know the locals.

When we are traveling, it is more about the experience than to make check offs from the to do and to see list. We just love to get out and explore, going the directions which look most interesting and we will finally find ourself in all the places, which are worth to go for. Of course we are checking maps sometimes to make sure to not miss anything which is on our way, but we never do sight hopping just to take a photo and to go on immediately.

To keep it a little shorter, I will just add a list of places worth to go to

  • Fontana di Trevi: The famous fontaine, which can be shared with thousands of tourists at the same time. Throw in a penny over your back and make a wish.
  • Pantheon: Stand in the middle of one of the best survived building of the antique and relax in front of it, while sipping hilariously expensive wine.
  • Colloseo: Get impressions of what it was like to be the Russell Crowe ("The Gladiator") back then and let this amazing building take your breathe away.
  • Foro Romano: Take the chance to go to this place after you have visited the Colloseo to get an impression of how Rome looked like back in the time and to realise how rich of cultural value Rome is to the world.
  • Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore: Visit this the Basilica which is one of the four most important (under 80 others in Rome) and get to know the myth behind the building history of this one.
  • Piazza Venezia: If you are walking down the via nazionale you will reach this place straight. It is a super impressive monument of Rome.
  • Church "Sant Ignazio di Loyola": Go there if you want to make sick shots of a heavily beautiful decorated catholic church!
  • Vatican and St. Peter's Basilica: If the rest of Rome has not taken your breathe away, go there and visit the St. Peter's Basilica as well as the museum of Vatican with all the treasure....just leaving this here!
  • Trastevere: After a long and exhausting day, you can find the best food and party areas around here. Get lost in the endless small streets of that district and buy yourself the best ice cream after, during or before you party.