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Hey, you! Yeah, it is you I am talking about. Welcome to the blog section of this website. I am really glad you made it this far and therefore I want to surprise you with the stories behind all the photography. In the following you will find travel impressions, impressions and thoughts about photography as much as personal insights, the way my brain works and what I think about several things. Take the journey, get deeper into the blog and get carried away. I hope that I will be able to inpire you!

how it all started and the purpose of the blog

... harder than I expected to write down those thoughts about how it all started. What you should know about my person is, that my friends and family would probably say that I talk to much. I always speak my mind, never hold back and also embellish my stories so that the people who listen are getting nervous, because I hardly reach the point. The good thing is, I have found someone, who does the same. And so, Sarah and me are go through this world with apprecating every singe second and every single little thing, a lot of others would not even notice. Are you working the same way? Great, then you just found the right place to read stories and impressions of my/our adventures.

I always wanted to write a book some day. But as I do not even read a lot of books, because I am to busy, working, shooting, editing and meeting friends in different places, this would not be the best idea...it would never be finished. That is why I decided to start writing blogs, accompanied with impressions. Additionally, Sarah you can relate, I am a person who hardly can rest and just relax, doing nothing. I mean, of course there are times and moments I just watch eight Game Of Thrones episodes in a row (or to be honest, many more series). But in the end I am ending up thinking of ideas, concepts and plans I want to make come true.

Now, the time has come to finally start writing a blog and to tell you guys what I have to say. I hope you enjoy and pleas never hesitate to get back to me with feedback via the contact section.