Photography And Stories Behind

The following section is filled with blogs about my photography adventures, which are not related to travel, but cover short trips to places. Get more insights of what photography means to me and with who I met up during those adventures.


fulfilling myself every photo-graphers dream of an own photo book [how to]

Since I have started using cameras countless years ago, I was dreaming of putting out a photographic book with pieces of my work. Nothing can compare the feeling of holding a book, filled with your content, in your hands. Read about background information and the making of my very own photographic book and hopefully get inspired to make your own.


Why getting up at night to catch the sunrise is really rewarding

The most successful people are those, who torture themselves to get up early. Have you ever read about a millionaire, who sleeps all day? But success does not only include money. Take the click and read about why it is so satisfying for a photographer to wake up early.


Would you offer a place to stay over night for a person you only know from 3 messages?

Our possibilities to connect with each other are crazy these days and quite often overcharging as well. In this blog post, I want to share a story about two guys, who love nature photography, met on Instagra and  exchanged three messages before one of them offered the other one a place to stay to hit the Nationalpark for sunrise the next day.


Why you should start exploring your environment asap

Besides all the journeys we make and all the dreams of far away located places we have, sometimes the places you already know, or at least think you would know them, can hold the most amazing impressions and adventure for you. Click "learn more" to dive into some impressions of a forgotten place in my city.


what it feels like to be above the clouds during sunrise [banger alert]

By entering this blog post, you can read about our sunrise adventure in late Summer 2017. This one was a really special hike for sunrise, as we witnessed a not expected scenery and atmosphere. Started at 2am, we found ourselves completely surrounded by fog at 5.30am and filled our memory cards with memories for eternity.


Follow me to our amazing walk at Friedrichstadt Palast, Berlin.

Read the following blog about my trip to Berlin, when the famous Friedrichstadt Palast invited us to dive into the behind-the-scenes of their current and well directed show "The One Grand Show". Get inspired to meet different photographers, instagrammers and hopefully get motivated to your own.