Getting to know the person behind the lens


This section is there for introducing myself to you guys. I hope you are curious!

My name is Tommy Halfter. I was born and raised in Germany and live here ever since. Right now I am 27 years old (holy fuck am I old) and even if speaking of age belongs to introductions, I do not really care about "age issues"- still feeling like 20 and 40 at the same time sometimes.

At the moment I am a student of Marketing&Management at TU Dresden. Besides that, or even more than that, I use to work a lot to afford travels, photography and pizza.

I just realized that I really want to have a second, more quality based creative space than on app, which does not mean that I am not into Instagram anymore, to express myself, my passion for photography and to take you guys on my adventures.

What is the meaning of photography to me

I think my first touching point with photography was, when I got into BMX riding a lot of years ago- I was 13 years old then. I loved to ride my BMX everyday and could not wait for school to end and to get on my bike for hours to enjoy freedom, and I was not that bad doing it. Of course we started to film each other making tricks or bailing hard. This was the time when I bought a pretty cool digital camera (in that time) for 20 bucks from a friend. I tried to get an image, what those



cameras looked like back in 2003 (for the younger people around here). I think the space on a SD-Card was limited to 128 or 256mb. It feels so crazy to write about that, when you now have SD-Cards with 1TB. But yeah, that's where it all started. During this time, filming us kids, who fet like they would run the world, I kept telling myself "I am doing this, because one day I wanna show my kids what I am doing here and how cool my gang is". What if I tell you, that this is still the point for me, in some kind of way?

As time passed by there were the first mobile phone, with which you have been able to take photos and do not have to stare at black and white pixels. Guess what, my storage, which hasn't grown that much this time, was always full. Some day I decided to quit riding my bike. It meant the end for the use of photography as a collection of memories for a while. Nevertheless I always enjoyed going through old pictures my mother or grandparents have stored, showing their childhood or mine. At some point I discovered an old analogue reflex camera in my grandma's basement and got the chance to use it as my own. This old....shit, I was totally forgetting the use of photos for my myspace account, when friends and I only got out to take new shots only to set them as our profile pictures. Okay, to go on: That old camera was an Exa 1a, which is shown on the right in the following.

I have used that one for a long time, before I was buying myself another analogue camera, the well known Praktica MTL-5b with a 50mm 1.8 lens, which is still super sharp. I think I was into this kind of photography from 2009 to 2015, so qiet some time. I will show you some examples of my work below this segment (maybe also putting up a whole folder, i you want?).

Source: /200000256-3176c32713/EXA.png

Source: /200000256-3176c32713/EXA.png

Okay, now that you have some impressions of my analogue work (bad quality, because those are scans) I will go on. There was a time when I switched to using GoPro cameras. When me and a friend of mine where on a trip in South East Asia in 2014 we decided to take a GoPro with us to capture and freeze our unforgettable adventures we been through- our GoPro got stolen on the 5th day and we instantly got a new one in Singapore, which is a pretty good place to get technical stuff. When I met Sarah, who is now my fiancèe and the most important person in my life, in 2014, an amazing adventurous time of travels began. That's when I bought the next GoPro to capture our adventures to, guess what, show our children how cool their parents were back then. Sarah, this goes out to you: You are the most supportive and inspiring person I now. You are making my life complete and I could not think of a better, humorous, intelligent and wonderful person to be with! I love you.

After a while of using GoPro and becoming really good with it and even catching attention from GoPro Inc. by receiving features and a GoPro Award at the time (I am still using GoPros for capturing unique angles and action, because I love this tiny beast), I decided to go for a more "realer" camera and got myself a Sony Alpha 6000 combined with a Sigma 30mm 1.4 lens, which is by the way a banger lens with outstanding quality.

I guess that is it for the moment. The story has been told but is surely not close to an end. I still love photography the fullest and will ever do, because still I have no kids and have to prepare for the moment I have them, especially when they will come of age to recognize how cool their daddy was.