Roaming the Alps with 20 creatives - my impressions of the #Storybase2017 hosted by Saalbach Hinterglemm, Austria

Ohhhhhhhh damn, where should I start?!

Saalbach Hinterglemm in Austria, was hosting their second #storybase-event, after a successful winter edition. The storybase concept is a really interesting thing for tourism areas or city marketings. Rent a house, invite 20 blogger, photographers and influencers, let them have the best of times and get rewarded by their reach and engagement to guide more people to your social media channels. Sounds good, right? I am too glad, that I was a part of it during this summer.

Earlier this year my friend Basti (@basti_go_pro) mentioned that the summer storybase will take place, organized by @saalbach_com . We applied immediately and BOOOOOOOOM, we have been on our way weeks later to fabulous Austria.

When we started our 7 hour journey in Basti's car, we did not know what to expect. But we have already seen the schedule and overview of ativities we were supposed to do in Saalach Hinterglemm. What should I tell you? I was freaking excited to finally arrive, get those others to know and start having a blast of a week down there.

Finally, after 7 hours on the road, we made it to Saalbach and knew immediately where we have to stop, as they put a really massive #Storybase2017 sign in front of the house we were supposed to stay in. Getting in, greeting everybody and be welcomed too, we found our care bags with crew passes, joker cards and information on what to do in Saalbach. I tell you guys, I did not even know how we should all of this amazing stuff in just one week. But fortunately BMW was providing us two cars to get around as well.


First things first of course, you gotta know that I want to go outand explore immediately when I am in a new place, and so Basti and me grabbed a car and went to the very end of the valley, as expected the views to be beyond amazing there. But at half way we got stopped by a army of cows, blocking the street. We decided to shoot with them or hide into our car, and went back to the house later where we gathered some people to head to the very peak of a mountain to witness our first sunset of many amazing ones.


Usually, there was a sunrise hike going on the next day. But as we had a tough journey the day before, we decided not to participate and sleep a little longer, before heading to the end of the valley again to get the banger shots and to walk on the suspension bridge.

In the evening we have been surprised by a amazing barbecue, which cannot be described in words. We had everything from burgers, vegetables, good fresh drinks and amazing talks with all the creatives who took part.

Fulfilling two life goals in two days

As I have mentioned before, the timetable of activities was rad...sick...awesome..beyond words. I took the chance to go paragliding the other day. Usually I wanted to this in Bali before, but as there was a paragliding competition on Java, all the instructors were gone. But I guess having a paragliding session in the alps is wayyyyyyyyy more fun anyway. But unfortunately the weather conditions have been too bad on Wednesday, so we could not do it for safety reasons- for what I am thankful to my instructor, because other guys would have taken the risk.

What could one do when paragliding is not working properly? Riiiiiiight, just jumping on a helicopter first. No no, not your usual helicopter ride. The one that we have been doing was with doors off, completely! The boys of@mysnapair took care of us the best way we could ever imagine. Those were the most intense 20 minutes in my life so far, besides swimming with manta rays or ziplining over huge cliffs. Just Imagine it like a 20 min rollercoaster ride, with only one bold cord protecting you from falling. AMAZING ISNT IT (please imagine me screaming while typing this). The shots which were provided us after the flight were really neccessary to recover from this sick experience.


After we were back from the helicopter ride, the night was setting in. Most of the creatives were going to our homebase already, except of Basti, Sara and me. Sara Melotti, known for multile articles about instagram, travel stories and a soul full of appreciation, was having her hat and red dress with her. She did not even care about the freezing temperatures, which were coming with the night. For situations like this, I am always carrying my fairy lights with me. Spot the results below.

What happened to the second life goal I was talking about before? Well, I archieved this the next day. Woke up early to meet up with the instructor, went on that mountains, got prepared...READY TO TAKE OFF?...and within seconds I felt myself floating into the winds of the austrian alps above Saalbach Hinterglemm. What a feeling. I would dare saying, that this was another level higher than the heli ride without doors! What was really fascinating, was the silence and the softness of movement we made. We even spotted animals from above and went above the most stunning mountain sceneries I have ever seen. Thank you Florian for making this happen, for being an awesome instructor and to have the right state of mind.

How I imagine the best day ever (if Sarah is not around to be part of it)

The day I wanna talk about started pretty early for all of us participants. I think we got up at 6am to be at a cabin on the mountains at 7.30am or was early tho. On this morning we took a yoga class, which I have never done before and consider it now as petty valuable to do. Just imagine moving yourself in the very earliy morning, mountain views in front of you and a delicious breakfast waiting for you. Breathing in the fresh air of the alps is the best way to start a day down there! As I mentioned before, there was a sick and delicious breakfast waiting for all of us after the pain of stretching and yoga exercises, before we went to the climbing forest at the very end of the valley to have some fun. The main thing in the huge climbing forest of Saalbach is the "flying fox", where you literally zipline hundred meters of track in height of 120m, LOOKING DOWN AS YOU ARE LAYING DOWN. What is better than to continue your day with some adrenaline? Nothing, so let's do this...

After that adrenaline pumping session, some of us decided to play walking dead in the woods and go shooting with bows and arrows, while I was relaxing at a natural pool, calling Sarah, having a cold beer and enjoy the summer breeze blowing around my nose. What an incredible day.


To come to an end, I would like to lose some words on this week in general

I think you guys can quiet imagine how this week was for all of us, by reading this blog post. For me it was an incredible experience and I want to thank @saalbach_com for setting this #storybase2017 up and for providing us the best of times with numerous impressions and new experiences! It was also cool to be able to connect with more content creators of every kind and to keep that connections. I can not wait until some of us will meet up again, to exchange more ideas, knowledge and have a good time.


Peace Out and thank you for reading, your boy Tommy