General Thoughts

The following section of the blog is dedicated to general thoughts on life, social media and the struggle to be who you are in a world full of pressure and timetables. I will try to fullfil as many requests on blogs as possible. Hope you enjoy reading the blogs below and if so or not, let me know about.


what keeps me motivated every day to go out and shoot, edit everything afterwards

A lot of people frequently appear to me, asking if I do Instagram for a living. The plain truth is: No. This section will be about, how I keep my head up high while studying, working 20 to 40h a week and being able to shoot and edit a shitload of photos.

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why you should not take instagram to seriously and why more likes won't make you happier

Your engagement drops? You got more followers but less likes? your best shot yet got zero attention compared to other photos? Here is a guide to not lose your mind and try to live with that, without getting carried away from the thing we should all focus on.


Why you should not buy over-priced presets for lightoom from your admired creators

In that section you will find my thoughts about buying and using presets from your favorite instagrammer or youtube accounts, which cost you ridiculous money. Here is a guide to learn better, not faster, how to make your edits ending up in being bangers.