What keeps me motivated everyday to go out and shoot, edit everything after and work besides that

From time to time, people approaching to me through to Instagram and want to know how I made my way to become a professional photographer, traveler or both combined...ladies and gents please sit down as I want to make something clear...

I ain't nothing of that.

Actually I am a student of Marketing and Management, as you have probably read in the ABOUT ME section of this website. Besides studying, sometimes less or more, I am working. I used to have loads of part time jobs, I think the peak was Christmas 2015, when I had three to four jobs. Right now, as Sarah went 400km away for working, I decided to take care of just one job to be more available on the weekends, when we have the time to see each other and spend the most of time. So, right now I am studying, working (20 to 40h a week).

Now, that is the point: Everything I do besides that, like shooting, editing, meeting up with friends, having small trips like to Berlin or Prague, I have to arrange and build around my continuous duties. How is he doing that, one will ask...

I have to...

If you are stuck at work, it is like a self chosen exchange of time and power to pay your bills...during our time it is necessary to work to archieve your dreams of having a nice appartment, being able to do trips and getting yourself stuff you need or sometimes don't need at all, but it is nice to have. I consider working as an investment to have a good times. But what really suck, and everybody can confirm that, is to stuck at work and see your time flying by imagine what you could have done in this time. If you are at work, you have to follow rules (rules which you haven't made). But you have to follow tem in order to earn your income. So, there is no creative space for you at work. During the time you spend at University, you learn a shitload of great stuff but also a bigger shitload of stuff you simply don't want to learn, because you cannot see the benefit from it, just in time. Again, no space for creativity.

But as I consider myself as a creative person and have creative interests in photography, I need my space for that creativity and I also want to be able to run this creativity free. The only possibility for me to do that, is to take extra efforts like being away from University (not clever but cool), cutting down my sleep in order to be able to edit all of my stuff, waking up early to go sunrise shooting for example and to travel on low budget.

I have to admit, that sometimes, all of this is not easy at all. But the reward is way bigger than the pain of waking up way too early or to edit my shots, while my eyes are slighty shutting down.

I tried to sum-up my motivation for all of this in terms of what photography means to me. You can read about that JUST HERE

Thanks for reading this short post! Please take part and tell me what motivates you to do the things you are love doing and what barriers you have to over come to do so.


Your boy, Tommy