I want to share some sunrise impressions with you guys

Before giving you some impressions of what our sunrise hike was like, I have to point out that I am not that sunrise type of a person and probably never will be, maybe just as the majority of the readers around here. haha

But I guess, that this kind of changed in some way. Some weeks ago when I was in Austria and part of the Storybase 2017, where 20 creatives where invited by Saalbach Marketing, we have had the chance to make a sunrise hike to the very top of a mountin....I declined, because I rather wanted to sleep. In the end it was not a very cool sunrise to hike for (we saw that in some of the shots from others).

...okay, to go on, on some day I decided to go to the Saxon Switzerland Nationalpark, which is just around the corner from where I live for shooting on my day off. I asked others to join me and there we went, Philipp, Pat and Tami with his girlfriend, who just did not hear the ringing of their alarm but followed us minutes later.

We have met at 3.45am, because we had known that sunrise will be around 5.15am. But on our way to get there we already recogniced that dawn is just about to take place already. When we arrived at our shooting location it was bright as hell already. I mean, the sun was not above the horizon yet but yeah, we have missed dawn. Never trust the weather forecast app on the iphone when it comes to sunrise or sunset. Often the magical moments are way before that happens and the light is uper nice and moody before the sun comes up or really goes down.

Nevertheless we built up our gear. Pat was ready to shoot a timelapse with his slider and cam, while Philipp and I went back to the most iconic sight in the national park, a stone bridge which covers three to five rock formations.

That is the Bastei, which is a formation of rocks with a bridge built in in a height of 194 about the ground. Shot with the Sony Alpha 6000 and a Sony 16mm 2.8 lens.

That is the Bastei, which is a formation of rocks with a bridge built in in a height of 194 about the ground. Shot with the Sony Alpha 6000 and a Sony 16mm 2.8 lens.

Usually, we wanted to shoot from this angle. But as there was already an armee of photographers with tripods, which were entangled in a row, we wanted to look for a different and more unique spot for the timelapse Pat wanted to do.

So, as I said Philipp and I headed back, back to the bridge, back to the armee of photographers. One thing you should know before you continue reading, is, that there is nothing more in this world I hate more than being arrogant and people who take themselves too serious, because of whatever. Well, the tripod army was exactly that. Philipp and I went shooting on that bridge, which is like 300m away from the point the people were shooting. If you are using a wideangle lens to capture the Bastei in its full beauty, you would not even recognize someone on that bridge and as I doubt that someone will shoot this beauty of architecture with a tele lens to only capture one arch, we did not make any mistake.

After some minutes of shooting the epic scenes there and really geting those banger shots, I have heard someone shouting and whistling at us. You know what I hate more than people who take themselves to serious and important? Right, people who take themselves too serious and whistling at others like they are dogs. I started to shout back "What is the problem, you don't even see us appearing in your shots?". Someone yelled back "Get down get down". Tere is something I will never do: getting on my knees for someone, who is whistling at me like I am a dog (I love dogs). Seriously, I get the point of how annoying it can be sometimes to have other people on the shots you take and I understand that, because how many times have we been through that? But I would never guide other to get down, away or being beamed into an UFO and fly away for the shot I want to take. There are plenty of possibilities like using a strong ND filter for example, where you can raise the shutter to a point where you can even get empty shots of completly crowded places. I really hate this ignorance and pursuit of importance of every photographer him- or herself. After he yelled at us, we made a couple of shots and ran to the side, because we are not any assholes, who give no sht about others....

Damn, why isn't anyone telling me that this blog is getting too long already? To sum up the sunrise session:

  • We will be there earlier next time
  • We are proud that Tami and his girl still made it to sunrise
  • Pat will always be responsible for bringing the coffee
  • Philipp is a real animal-friendly guy who gets stung by bees and feels sorry about that
  • taking yourself too seriously is never an option

Thank you guys for reading and please enjoy the collection of shots we have brought back below.