Would you offer a place to stay over night for a person you only know from 3 messages?

It is not really a secret that I am totally amazed by Instagram. Of course there are bad sides about it too. But all in all and the majority of thoughts and opinions I have about that kind of Social Media are positive. Positive not only because of the great possibility to get inspired by others and do the same to others. For me it is more the easy way to be able to connect to like-minded people.People, who feel the same appreciation for things as you do. At this moment, while writing these words, I am thinking about people, who stepped in my life through Instagram and through the fact, that we have found each other, because of this platform and our shared passion: Photography. It simply blows my mind.

There are people I am only in contact through Instagram with. People from different parts of our beautiful planet earth.....and guess what...I probably will never be able to meet them ALL in person. But at least  try to meet the majority and loads of people take efforts to do the same with me. Seriously, how awesome is that only because of an App on our phones?!

Recently, I recognized one dude, who does awesome landscape shots and saw that he and his girlfriend were roaming the Nationalpark which is pretty close to where I live. I just left him a comment or mail, saying that he should say a word the next time he will be around, because I love to show people around and to share all the amazing spots, I already found in the Nationalpark. I think he just replied "Yes, will do." and that was it.

One week passed...and...out of sudden, I have had a direct message on Instagram from this guy. His name was Tom and he told me about his plans to come to Dresden and the Nationalpark again. It was perfect as I wanted to head into the Nationalpark as well on that weekend, because I had no shift at work and the weather was supposed to beyond amazing.

We had a small and really minimalistic chat like "When will you be there? Wanna meet in the Nationalpark or in Dresden?" until he said, that he has no place to sleep and would spend the night in his car. "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?", I mean we have bigger appartment. "Come over dude, let us have some beers and make a plan where to go the next morning!"...."Ok, let us do it like that", Tom said and our next exchange of mails was 3 days later when he asked me where to come to.

I don't know how many people you guys already met in real life from Instagram? For those of you, who have experienced such meet ups or "blind dates" for shooting can probably relate that there is always a ratio of, I would say 40:60 (cool:awkward), that the person you will meet is not a socially awkward person. I mean I did some of these meet ups and not always have I felt comfortable with that as there was just no harmony between the two of us. But, what a journey to Thailand taught me one: NEVER TRY, NEVER KNOW".

Long story shirt, as you guy probalby want to see some of the bangers we came back with:

We met first at the door to our flat. He dropped his bags and stuff. Went to the couch like it wouldn't be the first time he was in our appartment. Everthing was cool and somehow it felt like we would know each other just in that moment.

After a night out of having some beers, awesome conversations about Instagram, Photography and travel, we went to sleep to gain some power within 4 hours of sleep for the next morning. I wanna keep it siple: We have hiked for 12h, went something about 13km, climbed 170 floors and had the best of times without a single moment of silence or the feeling of being uncomfortable with the situation....and those are the shots we came back with.