Why you should start exploring your environment ASAP

How many times do we actually think of exploring and discovering new places which are far far way? How many time do we think that true adventures have to be taken abroad and how many times do we search for the cheapest flights which will get you furthest from where we are right now?

When it comes to me, I often catch myself, having those kind of thoughts. When someone approaches to me, saying "Are you up for shooting in the city?", I am always like "Sure, but where do we want to go? I don't feel creative anymore, shooting things I am seeing every day". That really is a huge issue. Sometimes I would wish to be able to have that "first sight" feeling again, when I hit places of where I live and already have been to a lot of times, because this is soaking out the creativity of a photographer. If you roam places, that you have never been to, most of us will be productive and creative as freaking hell. Why? Be we might see little things, which make the differences. In familiar places, those small things are being not seen anymore, because they do not catch our attention anymore. Long story short: That is why you have to dig deeper and deeper and search for the places of your closer environment which you have not seen already.

On that day, the three of us (Toni, Philipp and me) decided to gather up for shooting and it was this old and long talk where to go to, because all of us seem to know Dresden pretty well already. We decided to take the train to the outlines of our city and started roaming and looking for things to shoot until that one building grabbed our attention. Philipp was there already to be honest but it must be years ago (as I mentioned we all know the city prety well already haha).

So we decided to make our way into that building, which is decayed but already in a reconstruction process. First we tried to make our way in through the broken windows, but there have not been any which we could have taken, because everything was blocked with thick planks of wood. We also tried to climb up a little and take the ones which were open. But we failed, as it really was to dangerous and there were pieces of glass everywhere......But then we just tried to get into the building which is located next to the one we wanted to get in. We got in easily and made our way to the basement, where we assumed that there is a connection of both of the buildings....guess whaaaaaat?! It was more easy than we would have ever expected it to be...going in the basement...finding the open door...passing through a connection hallway...and finally finding ourselves in the building of our desires.

See below what was waiting for us.

The point I am trying to make here, is to disover and roam places in your closer circle, which you would probably never go to, because you think you can not find anything interesting. But aren't those places often the ones which reward you the most? It does not have to be the waterfall you expect at the end of the most boring path or street. It can also be a high decayed and lost building where you would never expect it...