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For everyone, who will arrive at this creative space, this place is about experiences, capturing moments, collect and conserving them to form a time line of passion. Furthermore, the author of this page hopes that everyone will find a space of relaxation, inspiration and peace of mind. To archieve that, you can discover a portfolio of photography, story telling and personal thoughts through blog posts.

Photography and Stories by Tommy Halfter



Discover the philosophy of this creative space, get to know the mind behind the lense or get in contact.

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Portfolio Collection

Get inspired by a collection of experiences, memories and work, structured in the various genres of photography.

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Blog section

By entering the blog section, you will find yourself in a place full of storytelling and the share of thoughts about photography, travel and adventures. Furthermore there will be insights in the authors way to work, what gear he uses, travel and the appreciation of the beauty, which is surrounding us.


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